Service Starting Fee Total Fee
Credit Repair $300 $500
Identity Theft Repair $500 Starting Fee+ $250 after 45 days.
Inquiry Removal N/A $250
Federal Tax Lein Removal N/A $250
Bankruptcy Removal N/A $250
Eviction Removal N/A $350+ $60 (History Rental Report)
ChexSystems Repair N/A $250 ($100 if added with another service)
Credit Start Up Program N/A $750
Business Credit Building Program First option: $1500
Second Option: $2000 and save $500
Starting Fee+ 4 payments of $250
Business Funding Program Give us a call
LLC(Limited Liability Corporation) N/A $150+ the cost of your state fee
Tradelines Go to
Stopping Collection Procedures $75 Starting fee + $25 per collection agency

  • Credit Dispute Process / Clean up of your credit reports: The fee is $500 total. $300 to get started and then $200 after 45 days once we get some items deleted from your reports. I will help you clean up your reports by deleting negative accounts from all 3 bureaus. Then I will help you establish new credit and help you raise your credit scores. The process usually takes about 6 months.

  • Identity Theft Process (credit sweep): The fee is $750, $500 to get started then $250 due after 45 days. People who have been the victim of Identity theft will go thru my system and in about 60 days their credit reports will be wiped clean of any accounts that are negative because of identity theft.

  • Inquiry Removal: The fee is $250 and we help you remove inquiries from all 3 credit reports. The process generally takes about 45 days. 

  • Federal Tax lien removal: The fee is $250 total. The process takes about 30 days. I help people to remove and erase paid or unpaid Federal Tax Liens from all three credit bureaus.

  • Bankruptcy removal: The fee is $250 total. The process takes about 30 days. I help people to remove and erase Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcies from all three credit bureaus.  

  • Eviction removal: The fee is $350 total plus $60 for a rental history report. The process takes about 30 days. I help people to remove and erase Eviction records from all three credit bureaus. 

  • ChexSystems repair: The fee is $250 and I help you clean up your Chex Systems report so that you can get a checking account. You can add this to any other service for $100 and save $150.  

  • Credit Start Up Program: The fee is $750 and you will have a 2017 tradeline put on your credit reports for 90 days. You will also have access to become a member to a Jewelry Store and Electronic Store that will each give you a $5000 credit limit and report it to all credit bureaus. We will help you build your credit and coach you for the next 6 months. 

  • Business Credit Building Program: The fee is $2500 with first payment of $1500 and then 4 payments of $250 each OR pay $2000 up front and save $500. We will help you get credit cards under your business name with you not having to be a personal guarantor. Once you get credit we then help you get financing for your business. Process usually takes 4 months to get credit cards and 9-12 months to get loans. 

  • Business Funding Program:  We have many FINANCING-LOANS-FUNDING programs for Start up Companies or Seasoned Companies. You need personal credit scores of 680 or more, no more than 3 inquiries in the last 6 months, no new negative credit in the last 12 months, and no more than 40% maximized credit cards. We have no doc loans, and full doc financing. 

  • Limited Liability Corporations:  We can help you create an LLC for your new or present business for $150 plus any state filing fee's. We prepare the documentation and submit the necessary documents to the State in which you live. You will then receive your new company paperwork in the mail in about 14 days.  

  • Tradelines: These are accounts that belong to people who have good credit. They add you onto their credit cards as an authorized user for a fee. When they do that the account your pay for will go onto your credit report and help enhance and increase your credit scores. I have a list with prices that I can email you. Click here for the link

  • Stopping collection procedures: I help people by sending a legal letter to each collection agency and they have to stop collecting you. It is $75 to register and then $25 per collection agency.