SOS: Breakthrough Alert! Connecting with Real People at Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.


Ever felt lost in the credit bureau maze, whether freezing, unfreezing, disputing errors, or just seeking credit enlightenment? The struggle is real, especially when automated systems stand between you and a real human.

Fear not! In this guide, I'm spilling the beans on the secret codes to unlock direct connections with humans at Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Say goodbye to automated woes and hello to real solutions for your credit concerns!

Heads up everyone: peak hours mean longer waits, so dial in early for less traffic. And here's the scoop – each bureau has its own hotline for specific issues. I've decoded the puzzle to share the fastest route to a real person.

Prepare for the p...

Having bad credit is no laughing matter...or is it???


As a seasoned financial expert with over 10 years of experience, I can tell you that having good credit is no joke.

Unless, of course, you're talking about yall the crazy scoring systems - then it's absolutely hilarious. But in all seriousness, maintaining a good credit score is essential for financial success, and here's why:

First and foremost, having good credit can save you a ton of money. When you apply for a loan or credit card, lenders look at your credit score to determine your risk level as a borrower. The better your score, the lower the interest rates and fees you'll be charged. In other words, good credit can help you keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket.

Now, let me gi...


I have a question for you...Have you ever met or possibly watched on TV the "grandmother" who looks at any family member and says: "Oh my you look so thin, come here sit down and let me feed you and make your muscles strong!!!"??

What if we had a grandmother who would look at our credit reports and said" Oh my look at your credit, it's so thin, you have no credit, come here sit down, let me feed your credit and make your credit score muscles strong"!!!!

Well you don't need a credit score muscle building grandmother you just need these 6, yes that's it 6 credit building steps and you too can have beefier credit scores that would make any grandmother proud!!!!




Let's learn together from the mistakes others make and become successful to grow and make a better income!!!

Here are 6 mistakes, yes 6 mistakes we can learn from to help increase our money coming in. . It seems like a lot but 6 is not 60, now that is a lot!!!!

Mistake 1: Building a website and expect that to all of a sudden the website will bring in customers or clients.

They won’t. Building your business (and traffic) takes time, energy and effort. Building the most beautiful site and filling it with great products or services won’t make customers come. When you start a business, you have to realize that launching your website is just the first step in a great journey to building ...



Yes get out of debt, is the best advice I can give anyone. All the financial gurus you listen tOo say "GET OUT OF DEBT"!!

Now what they don't tell you and this is where my two cents comes in is ...DRUM ROLL PLEASE,, don't pay it all off. Leave a small balance. No more than 100 dollars.

Why do you ask? Because leaving a small balance increases the utilization and that is what improves the scores. Then pay it off slowly. The interest on the card won't really make a difference in the interest paid. You can't forget these two ways to also improve your scores:

Payment history: Always pay your credit card payment on time.
Credit utilization rate: Don’t use more than 30% of your available credit....

3 Step to help ensure your business credit profile looks great

For most entrepreneurs, finding money to fuel growth is a huge challenge, and it can be especially difficult for businesses that traditional lenders deem “high risk” because of low credit scores, limited business history or even industry-type.

Look we've all been there, we have this great idea, we start letting people know about. We talk about how great it is and how much money we will make, and then BAM!!!!

You get that question. I got that question. Thomas Edison, got that question. Steve Jobs got that question, Even Bob your next door neighbor got the question.

What's the question? Come on you know the question. Don't pretend. Here I will say it with you: WHERE ARE YOU GONNA GET ...

Could money help you grow and expand your business?

Could money help you grow and expand your business?


Right now you qualify for cash, credit, funding, and financing for your business. But for too long you have not had access to all the money you qualify for.

Now, finally, you can get your hands on the money you want and need for your business.

The business funding suite is a funding suite complete with over 400 individual financing sources.

Through your funding suite you can easily get approved for over $50,000 in business credit within 6 months with no personal guarantee and no personal credit check.

You also have access to hundreds of other funding sources including SBA loans, merchant loans, equipment loans, and many, many more.

Every legitima...

Micro Money

Micro Money

The SBA has a great loan program called The Microloan Program.

Although the name is Micro, the benefits to you can be huge.

The Microloan Program provides small, short term loans to small businesses. Micro loans can provide you working capital and fulfill other purposes when you need money the most.

Some of the common uses for Micro loans include:

• Working capital

• The purchase of inventory or supplies

• The purchase of furniture or fixtures

• The purchase of machinery or equipment.

Terms, Interest Rates, and Fees and loan terms vary based on the size of the loan, the planned use of funds, the requirements of the intermediary lender, and the needs of the small busine...

The 4 Cs of Lending

The 4 Cs of Lending


If you are looking for money for your business than you will be happy to know you only need one “C” to qualify.

In lending when we look to see if a client is fundable we are looking for one of the 4 “C”s. You don’t have to have all of the 4 Cs, only 1 to secure funding.

The first C is Cash Flow. When you have an existing business with good cash flow you can qualify for business funding.

If you do have verifiable cash flow this substantial increases your chances of being approved for funding. There are many funding programs you might qualify for including Business Revenue Lending.

If you don’t have cash flow your business still might have ...

Do you have a DUNS number?

Do you have a DUNS number?

The Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) is a business identifier code provided by Dun and Bradstreet.

This business identifier code was developed in 1963 to support Dun and Bradstreet’s credit reporting practices.

Today the DUNS number is widely used to identify businesses lending for issuing new credit. It is also used by the European Commission, United Nations, and the United States government.

More than 50 global, industry, and trade associations recognize, recommend, or require DUNS. The DUNS database now contains over 100 million entries for businesses throughout the world.

The DUNS number is a nine-digit number issued by Dun & Bradstreet assigned to each ...